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At wanted to work at providing access to a centralised database that supported people wanting to identify suitable Halal Products within Australian Supermarkets and Stores. With a growing number of Manufacturer's and Suppliers embracing the importance and value of providing quality Halal Products to the Australian and Global Markets. We are committed to making accurate information available to members to better inform them of the suitability of Halal Products or not.


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The Team at

While the team from Halal Food make every effort to maintain accurate and correct information on the products listed below. It is important that you understand that this is a guide only. Where we have confirmed ingredients, process or Halal Certification we will make available where possible.


Where a product is not clearly identified as a Halal Suitable product it will be rated with a status of Mushbooh or Under Review until such time as confirmation is provided by the manufacturer.

Any product that is Haram will not be listed. (For example containing Porcine product or Alcohol products)


We always encourage people to inform themselves for any products that they are considering for consumption or use.