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19 Jan 2021

19 Jan 2021

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Halal Control (Germany)

Halal Control (Germany)

Gardena Fingers Mix

Halal Certified

Moderator Notes:

This Loacker Product is covered by the issued Halal Certificate.

The Bourbon Vanilla refers to Vanilla beans sourced from Reunion Island ( also known as Bourbon Island).

Factories located in Austria and Italy are both Halal Certified.

May show Halal Logo but in most cases it is not present on packaging as it is not a requirement for Australia to have logo present.


You long for exotic pleasure that sets the imagination free? Our Gardena Coconut are just made for you. A fine layer of milk chocolate with 100% NON GMO Alpine milk covers five crispy wafers, which enrobe four layers of coconut cream filling and finely grated coconut flakes. We obtain our flakes from the pulp of fruits grown in the Philippines and Indonesia. This exotic pleasure will carry you off in daydreams.



May contain peanuts and almonds.

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121 Somerset Road
Campbellfield Vic 3061

(03) 9359 0658

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